Welcome to the “Train @ Bar K” Program!  Our goal at Bar K is to create a true community of dog lovers, where our Members and guests have access to all the tools you and your dogs need to live your best possible lives.

One of those tools is dog training.  Whether you have a new puppy, or an older pup who’s been with you for years – we can all strengthen our relationships with our dogs by having access to the best trainers, the best information about how dogs learn, and utilizing the latest training techniques.

 We have therefore partnered with some of the very best professional dog trainers in the Kansas City area, to bring their expertise and services to our Bar K community.  For descriptions and listings of their current classes at Bar K, please click here -- this will allow you to pick a course that meets your needs and a trainer that best aligns with your personal style and training philosophy.

We have worked hard to put together a wide variety of courses – including group classes, individual sessions and creative programs like “Engaged Play” for dogs that need some supervision while you enjoy our bar/restaurant or go run an errand.  We are always open to adding new and different classes, so please let us know what you would find valuable.

Please note that each trainer is an independent contractor, not an employee of Bar K. When you book a particular session, you are contracting with each trainer directly.  Each of our training partners carries (or is in process of securing) a certification from at least one accrediting dog training organization, has been or is under the supervision of a trainer who has been training professionally for at least 3 years, and carries professional liability insurance.