Membership FAQs

Why is Bar K a Membership-based club?

Membership allows us to create a true community of responsible dog lovers, by making sure all our pups are properly socialized and vaccinated and ensuring a fun, safe environment for everyone.  It also allows us to track usage of our facility, as well as note any special issues pertaining to your pups.

How much does a Membership cost?

An annual Membership is $225 for your first dog, and $25 for each additional dog in your household. 

What do I get with my Bar K Membership?

As a Bar K Member, you can bring your dogs into our fully-staffed off-leash dog park as often as you please.  (Non-Members need to buy a guest pass in order to bring their dogs into the park.) In addition, you'll receive Member discounts on everything from Bar K merchandise to our private event suites and grooming salon.  We will also have regular Members-only food and drink specials.

How do I purchase a Membership?

You can purchase your Membership anytime at Bar K, just ask any of our staff.  You can also purchase a Membership anytime on our website.  We will ask you to complete an Application to provide us with information about you and your dog, including information about your dogs’ veterinarian and vaccination records, so we can be sure we are providing a safe environment for everyone at Bar K. 

Is my Bar K Membership Cancelable or Refundable?

Your membership is non-cancelable and non-refundable, unless you move out of the area, or (and we hate to even mention this) in the case of death of disability of you or your dog.  In such cases, you will be provided a pro rata refund.

If I don’t purchase a Membership, can my dog still visit Bar K?

Yes, no problem.  If you aren’t ready to purchase a Membership, you can buy a Guest Pass. Guest Passes are $10 for your first dog, and $5 for each additional dog in your household. 

If I’m not bringing a dog, is there a fee to enter? Do I need to buy a Membership or Guest Pass?

No! Humans without dogs are always welcome to visit Bar K for free. We will ask you to complete a short from at the Front Desk prior to entering.

What if I regularly foster dogs, or regularly board/dog-sit — can I bring these dogs under my care to Bar K?

Yes! We have created a special Foster/Dog-Sitter Membership for an annual fee of $300. This will allow you to bring all dogs under your care and custody to Bar K, including your own dogs as well as dogs that you are fostering, dog-sitting or boarding. We will require that you certify that all of the dogs that you bring into Bar K are current on all required vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella), and are properly socialized for group play. We also have a maximum limit of four (4) dogs per visit.