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Benefit for Bear (and Blind Dogs Everywhere)

The dog in the picture is Bear, a 10-year-old Shepherd mix owned by one of Bar K's founders. Bear suddenly went blind in November 2018. Despite the best care, the experts can offer no known cause or cure.

Bear is not alone. There are an estimated 300,000 blind dogs in the United States. There are many causes of canine blindness, including a relatively new condition known as SARDS -- Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome -- but despite some promising research virtually nothing is understood about its underlying causes.

Please join us on January 26 for a "Benefit for Bear, and Blind Dogs Everywhere." This will be part celebration, part fundraiser, part educational opportunity. We hope to have a great turnout of blind dogs and their owners in the Kansas City region. Our goals are:

•To provide an opportunity for blind dogs and their owners to socialize and recreate in a fun, safe space

•To provide the up-to-date information and advice from local experts

•To provide a networking opportunity for blind dog owners and create a KC support group

We'll have a separate area called Petfinder Park reserved just for you and your blind friends. We'll have local animal eye care specialists on hand, and specialty products for you to demo (in the picture, Bear is wearing Muffin's Halo For Blind Dogs). And most of all, we'll share anecdotes and information and create a support and networking group for blind dog owners in Kansas City.

If you are a Bar K Member, admission is free. If you are a Guest, 100% of your $10 Bar K entry fee will go toward our fundraising efforts. All money raised will go to support research into blindness in dogs, such as this study at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

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