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Nat'l Train Your Dog Month - The Art of Detection


There is a newer sport that is taking the dog training world by storm called K9 Nose Works®! This sport is based on the skills dogs are taught to detect narcotics and explosives, which is to use their nose to find the source of a specific odor. If your dog enjoys finding things with his nose, you won't want to miss this class to put his ability to good use! Come join the trainers with the Heartland Positive Dog Training Alliance for this free class on the best smelling dog sport around!

HEART is a group of like-minded pet professionals and dog enthusiasts aligning themselves to create an awareness of the importance and benefits of positive reinforcement, force-free dog training. In honor of National Train Your Dog Month , HEART trainers are putting on a series of training sessions at Bar K in January.

Entry to Bar K is free for Members. For Guests, it is $10 for your first dog, and $5 for each additional dog in your pack. There is no additional charge for attending these training seminars -- however, space is limited to 15 people per session so please sign up here: