Bar K Kids


We love your kids. They are the next generation of responsible dog owners. We want them — and everyone else — to have a great experience at Bar K. We know many parents want their kids to have the experience of being around dogs in an off-leash environment, and we support that goal.

We also know that some kids might, with the best of intentions, engage in behavior that is not ideal in a dog park, such as running, approaching unfamiliar dogs the wrong way, climbing on dog play equipment, etc. And, we know that we have some guests whose dogs may not have spent much time around kids, and who may be concerned or uncertain how their dogs may behave around young children.

We have put a lot of time and thought and into how best to balance these interests. We have consulted with dog trainers, veterinarians, behaviorists and other animal health experts. We know we cannot make everyone happy all of the time, but we hope you will understand that our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone has a fun, safe and happy experience at Bar K.

Our kids policy is as follows:

On-leash and Indoor areas

Kids of all ages are always welcome at all times in any of our on-leash or indoor areas. This includes inside the restaurant, the back on-leash patio, and the upstairs patio and Lounge.

Off-leash dog parks

1. KIDS 13-16 are welcome in our off-leash dog parks at any time, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or other adult and follow our Park Rules.

2. KIDS 12 AND UNDER are welcome in the off-leash park, but only under the following conditions:

  • In partnership with KCPT, we have produced an animated pet education video called “I’M A BAR K KID.Kids 4-12 must watch the video with their parent/guardian before entering the off-leash play area, and pass the short quiz at the end. We’ll retain a copy of the quiz in our files so we’ll always know for future visits that your kid is a BAR K KID.

  • You and your Kid can watch the video and take the quiz in advance of coming to Bar K by clicking here, or you can do this at our front desk when you visit.

  • All Kids must comply with the rules set out in the “I’M A BAR K KID” video while in the park. This includes: No running in the park, no teasing/taunting dogs, no climbing on the play equipment, etc.

3. KIDS 8 AND UNDER must be in the IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL PRESENCE of their parent/guardian or another adult while in the off-leash park. IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL PRESENCE means holding hands with or otherwise within quick grabbing distance of an adult.

4. If our Dogtenders believe that these conditions are not being followed, they will politely ask your kid to please remain in the on-leash or indoor areas during the remainder of your visit.