Petfinder Park

About 6.5 million dogs enter animals shelters each year in the United States.  Sadly, about 1.5 million shelter dogs are euthanized annually.

At Bar K, we are committed to finding loving homes for as many of these pups as possible.  We have partnered with — a searchable database of adoptable pets from nearly 14,000 shelters and rescue groups around the U.S., Canada and Mexico — to create Petfinder Park.

Petfinder Park is a unique 3300 square foot outdoor space dedicated to serving the local shelter and rescue community.  Petfinder Park hosts regular adoption events as well as fundraisers, training demos, educational events and more. 

If you're in search of the perfect companion, or if you are part of the local shelter/rescue community, Petfinder Park is your destination.  For a schedule of events, as well as links to the adoptable pups, please see our adoption calendar below. All dogs adopted at Petfinder Park events will receive a free one-year Membership to Bar K — so they and their new family can instantly be part of our joyful community.

Whether you're a rescue organization or someone looking for that perfect companion, click here if you have any additional questions.